The number of SugarBun franchise outlets continue to grow domestically from 56  outlets a year before , 61 as at last year to 75 presently with another 26 new openings in the pipeline. With 10 overseas outlets, the division has now a total of 85 outlets. The new openings include 2 First SugarBun Drive-Thru outlets, one each in Sarawak and Sabah respectively.
Besides continuing to improve its R&D, the division  also focus on other important supporting key areas to enhance its already established business models in its implementation of new internally generated systems featured primarily on its efforts to ensure better control and transparency of franchised outlets sales and at the same time to provide the best services to customers, strict compliance of the SOPs, rewarding deserving employees and franchisees for their good performances, analysing feedbacks for improvements among others.

The SugarBun menu innovation which continues to be an integral part of the growth with its successful launching of new evolving menus is a result of these continuing initiatives of the division. For the financial year just ended, the division posted yet again an impressive performance with a total turnover and net profit before tax of RM37.31 mil and RM5.27 mil respectively.

As part of its expansion plans to further enhance and complement the division’s overall profitability, the division has secured a master license for a pizza chain, "Pezzo”, for Sabah and Sarawak. With the success of its introductory launching in December 2014, at least 15 Pezzo kiosk outlets is being planned to be opened by the last quarter of 2015.