Malaysia had already established itself as one of the important gold producers long before the development of the great gold-fields such as in South Africa, Australia and USSR . Prior to the Portuguese conquest of Malacca in 1511, the country was known as the "Aurea Chesonese” or "Golden Peninsular”. Malaysia has a long history of widespread small-scale gold mining throughout the country, especially in the Central Belt of Peninsular Malaysia and highly potential region for gold mining industry. 

The majority of the gold production came from the states of Pahang and Kelantan within the Central Belt. The regional geochemical survey for gold, carried out by Mineral and Geosciences Department of Malaysia over the Central Belt in North Pahang and Kelantan, has defined a 20-km-wide, north–south-trending gold mineralization in the Raub-Kuala Medang-Lipis-Merapoh area in Pahang. Gold mineralization in the Central Gold Belt is generally categorized as a low mesothermal lode gold deposit due to its tectonic and geological setting.

Gold mining history and prospects in Central Belt

During the British reign between 1880s and 1940s, major gold production generally came from the state of Pahang, Kelantan and Negeri Sembilan within Central Gold Belt. During this booming period Raub, Selinsing, Kechau-Tui, Katok Batu, Penjom and Batu Bersawah goldfields were the important underground lode gold mines. Between 1889 and 1960 some 30 tonnes of gold was mined from underground working from the historic Raub Australian Gold Mine (RAGM) and some 1100kg (over 1 million oz) of gold was extracted mainly from underground works at Bukit Koman, Raub goldfield.

In the last 15 years of  active evaluation of gold mineralization and development activities at the former Raub Gold mine-Tersang-Tenggelan-Chenua belt have witnessed a  few new modern and bigger scale; open pit gold mined have been developed. In Raub, Selinsing, Kerchau-Tui, Pulai, Rubber hill, Buffalo Reef, and Tersang are among the old alluvial mining goldfields which are actively being revisited for the existent of low grade bulk mineable gold deposits. Most of these newly discovered goldfields are located in the heart of Central Gold Belt.    

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